Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not long for this world

After a period of several months where 95% of the photographs I have taken were related to equestrian activities, I finally had the opportunity to do a fine art nude shoot last night with Rebecca.  I wanted to use moonlight for the shoot.  Sunday night was a perfect moon night because even though the moon was just a little more than half waxing, there was not a single cloud in the sky and things were bright and beautiful.  But, we were shooting last night, and of course there were a series of thunderstorms that rolled through early in the evening with residual cloudiness afterwords.  That meant that I had to turn to an alternative light source, in this case my 4 C-cell Maglight to be able to work.  We went to a local cemetery that is older and therefore has a variety of interesting headstones and monuments to provide locations for the shoot.  Rebecca was spot on with her posing during exposures of up to 30 seconds (in spite of being nibbled upon rather liberally by the local insect population), and we made a variety of images that included light painting, movement, and later in the shoot the moon actually peeked out for a few minutes so that we could do some moonlit images.  Working with slow exposure times means that the pace of shooting is much slower, and we only created 70 images in about 2 hours, but quality always beats out sheer quantity.  To my mind the images we created evoke a feeling of transience, and the dichotomy between the stillness of the resting place of so many who are gone from this world and the life and beauty of Rebecca is striking.  I am hoping to be able to shoot again during the full moon on Friday, but as always we are subject to the whims of time and nature.  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the  images, and as always, prints are available.