Thursday, August 30, 2012

Housemate Wanted to Share Middleburg Townhome

Housemate Wanted to share a townhouse in Middleburg.  $800/month, utilities included.

I am looking for a housemate to share my townhouse in Middleburg, VA.  Middleburg is located in southern Loudoun County, about 45 miles West of Washington, DC, in Virginia’s “hunt country.”  I'm located on the East end of Middleburg and walking distance to everything in town.  The space that is available is either an upstairs bedroom with windows and a closet, with a shared bathroom, or a basement room which is larger, no windows, a private 1/2 bath and a shared shower upstairs.  The townhouse is fully furnished with the exception of the available bedroom space.  I am divorced with teenaged kids who spend Wednesday nights and every other weekend with me.  The upstairs bathroom/shower would be shared with them when they are here.  Utilities including internet connection are included. 

A little more about me:  I am male, 43, non-smoker, no drugs, light drinker.  I am easygoing, very open-minded, fairly active, and enjoy sports, music, video games, and time with my friends.  I'm not a "neat freak."  I'm more of a night owl than an early riser.  I am a photographer whose primary artistic focus is the human form.  I mostly work from home, and I have photo  space and lighting equipment that would be available for my roommate to use.  I used to be a cop, which means I'm pretty security conscious and have to be comfortable with the people I allow into "my space."  I don’t have pets right now, and would prefer not to have animals in the house at this point in my life.  

What I’m looking for in a housemate:  
A few things that I would ideally like to find in a housemate:  Someone who is easygoing, open-minded, and creative, with a relaxed attitude about the human body, who has fairly similar views about life, and who is fun to have around.
A few things that are really important:  Respect for each other's belongings, paying the rent on time every month, a willingness to help keep the house reasonably clean and share the chores, and an ability to work through any issues that may arise in an intelligent, adult manner.
And lastly, because I have kids who stay with me part of the time, there are a few “must haves” for a housemate:  No drugs, no felony arrests or convictions, no restraining orders or history of violence, no alcoholics, and no smoking in the house.   
The space is available immediately, if you are interested, please call me at 408-892-5497 or send an email to and we can arrange to meet in town, and if that goes well, I'll show the house.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"And now for something completely different"

Ok, my last couple of posts have been nude sets, so I'm going to throw a curve ball here and show you some landscapes.  I won't say too much here about them, as there is a wide variety of places from a wide variety of trips.  So, on to the photos, presented here in no particular order (click on the image to see a larger version):
Desert Reflection, South of Las Vegas, NV, Jan, 2005

Zion Peaks, UT, Jan 2005

Bryce Canyon, UT, 2006

Machu Pichu, Peru, 2006

Virginia flowers, Near Haymarket, VA, circa 2005

Red Rock Canyon, UT, 2005

Sunset across Puget Sound, 2005

Sunrise view across Hanalei Bay, Kauaii, 2004

Sunburst view across Hanalei Bay, Kauaii, 2005

Sunset view across Hanalei Bay, Kauaii, 2005
Twilight view across Hanalei Bay, Kauaii, 2005

Early Autumn, near Millboro, VA 2004

All of these images are available as prints, so if one really catches your eye, please inquire about prices.  
All images are copyrighted, and may not be used for for any purpose without permission.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nightvisions, November 2009

In keeping with digging out good material from old archives, here is another one.  This set, featuring Elisabeth, was shot in November 2009.

A new photography event surfaced in 2009, FotoWeek DC.  This week-long festival is designed to feature photography throughout the art galleries and in other venues throughout the District.  One of the events that debuted that week, was called Nightvisions.  The concept is, everybody meets and checks in at a central location gallery for a cocktail, then the participants grab their cameras and head out into the city to take photographs for a few hours.  Around 2 am, everybody heads back to the gallery and uploads 10 images for a panel of jurors to review.  The panel chooses 1 image to print in 12x18 format that will hang in the gallery for the remainder of the FotoWeek event.  This year, the event was being held the evening of Nov 7th into the morning of Nov 8th, which happens to be my birthday.

I invited my friend Carly, her boyfriend (at the time) Joao, my friend Elisabeth who was willing to model for me during the evening, and one of Joao's friends to join me in running amok in DC for the evening.  Being primarily a fine art nude photographer, and Elisabeth being one of the better fine art nude models in the DC area, we felt it was our duty to create some fine art nude photography to contribute and hopefully enhance the artistic value of the image gallery. 

So off we went to start the evening.

Being early November, it was a bit on the chilly side, and as you can see, we were pretty well equipped for keeping warm.  We started the evening at the gallery as planned, then headed out for another drink before we really started photographing things in earnest.  But I still couldn't resist shooting a few "city scenes" and things that caught my eye on the way out, like a miniature Russian car parked in front of the Spy Museum.
After a couple of beers, it was time to get to work.  We chose 3 locations for our fine art nude sets.  DC is a major city, and so we had to choose our locations fairly carefully, and shoot "guerrilla" style, so as to not end up having to explain why Elisabeth was running around without any clothes on in the chilly air of a November evening.

Our first location was a water fountain that is located just in front of the Capital building.

 This was a beautiful architectural piece to work with and we spent about 15 minutes working there before moving towards the reflecting pool where there is a nice monument, and which wasn't right on the street.  I think these are my favorites of the evening.

 After finishing up there, Elisabeth was getting pretty chilled so we decided to move to another location.  We lost one member of our party (Joao's friend) when Elisabeth made a joke that employed some, well, let's say "uncouth language."  So we had to detour back to her hotel to drop her off.  Anyway, onward and upward for the rest of us.  Literally.

The last nude location that we shot was on the grounds of the National Cathedral, which sits up on one of the highest points in DC.  I know, some folks out there will undoubtedly be appalled that we were photographing nudes on the grounds of a church, but I was taught that man was created in the image of God.  I don't think he would mind our showcasing one of his creations in conjunction with a building erected in His honor.  In any case, we were discreet and quick and got some good images there before the cold air drove us back into the car.

So, off we went again.  By this time it was about 1:30 am (Happy Birthday to ME!!!) and we were all ready to find some food.  DC is a big city, but sometimes it is a challenge to find a food place that is open at that time of the night.  We ended up at the Johnny Rocket's in Georgetown, which was conveniently located right across the street from the gallery.  Just for fun, I snapped a couple of photos while we were eating our fries, then we headed over to the gallery to get my images uploaded.  Most of my image submissions were nudes, but I did include a couple of other shots from the evening, including this one from Johnny Rocket's which was the 4th to last image I shot that night.
I'll give you one guess which image they chose to print and hang for the show.  I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the shot in the elevator.  Give up?  Yep, the shot from Johnny Rocket's.  So much for getting nude art into the show.  Oh well.  I had a great time with some very good friends and it was a very fun event that I've tried to do every year since.  As always, hope you enjoyed the images.  Oh, and in case you've forgotten, prints are available.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Another "Lost" photo shoot: Vassanta

It's one of the funny things about life:  You're looking for something in whatever box, shelf, cupboard, or file that you're rummaging through and all of a sudden you find it!  No, not the thing you were looking for, but something else that you had totally forgotten about, and it's totally bitching!  Instantly the search for the original item is abandoned in favor of re-discovering whatever shiny bauble you have stumbled across.  Well, that happened to me today, rummaging through one of my hard drives, looking for landscapes for a client, and suddenly I found it!  A photo shoot with Vassanta that I did back in November 2008 that I hadn't even touched (from a processing standpoint.)  So out the window went my quest for pretty landscapes, and I immediately began pulling out some images to process from that long ago photo shoot.

The setting for the shoot isn't one of my beautiful outdoor locations, but rather the attic and basement in my townhouse.  I have used the attic space as a studio for several sessions, and I have occasionally set up in the basement for doing light-painting, alternative light sources, and long exposure work.  The downside of using my attic is that all of the shoots I have done there are very similar.  The upside of working in the complete darkness of the basement is that it does help conceal the fact that I'm shooting in the basement.  In any case, I pulled out 9 images from the basement that I thought were interesting, and 1 from the attic that I felt was worthy of inclusion in this posting (in spite of my own feelings of redundancy in the location,) and present them for you now.

As always, I hope you have enjoyed the images!  Tyler

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Catching up part 4: Nudes in the moonlight

Ok, we're just about caught up.  My last shoot was last Monday night with Lauralyn again.  I have done moonlight shoots just about every summer, and I wanted to get one in again this year.  I usually try to hit the full moon, but with my daughter getting married today, I had to get out early in the week which was a couple of days before the full moon.  Even though the moon wasn't quite full, we couldn't have picked a better night to go out and shoot.  The sky was clear, the weather was warm, and my friend Jeanne gave us permission to come down and shoot at her farm.  Moonlight shooting is always long exposure, usually 10-25 seconds, and holding a pose that long presents issues with blurring, but Lauralyn did a great job again.  After shooting at the farm, we went back to continue my "Not Long For This World" cemetery series, and Lauralyn did some more self-shot photos for her blog The Big Ugly.  We had a spectacular time, and created some very nice images, which I'm proud to share with you here.