Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Whole Ox

My friends Derek and Amanda have just (on Sept 1st) opened their new business in Marshall, VA.  It is called, as the title of this blog suggests, "The Whole Ox", and they are a boutique butcher shop.  Derek is the butcher and chef, and Amanda is the front of house and jack of all other trades involved in operating a small business.  Their shop is located inside the IGA supermarket in Marshall and they have taken over all of the meat/butcher responsibilities for the store.  They are passionate and vocal advocates of local, organically raised livestock, and strive to carry the best possible products at competitive prices.  I had the opportunity to pop in and check on them on their 2nd morning of operation and take a few photos to help promote their business.  If you do not understand that our meat comes from an animal, or if images of preparing an animal for consumption by those of us who are omnivores might disturb you, stick to the first few images.

Amanda explaining their superior product to a new customer.

And now, here comes the meat!

To say "thanks" Derek gave me a gift of one of these Culotte steaks, which I promptly took home and put under the broiler.  Magnifique!
Amanda stocks their first plate of free-range, cage-free, organic chickens:

OK kids, here is where meat comes from:

 The couple that filets together, stays together.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

So, join me in congratulating Amanda and Derek on the birth of their brand new small business!  I wish you all the best success and prosperity!